Review 2: The Fake Headlines Podcast!

The Fake Headlines Podcast is a breath of fresh air.

Among the throngs of true-crime, celebrities interviewing other celebrities, and directionless conversations rife with dead air, the exceptionally creative comedic duo Kevin and Tiffany Dillon stand a cut above the rest. With polished delivery, impeccable timing, and a natural rapport that’s immediately both familiar and inviting--the Fake Headlines Podcast is a show that you’ll regret not discovering earlier.

The concept is wonderful in its simplicity. Each host presents three headlines per episode--four of the six offerings are total bullshit; the remaining two are the real deal, sources provided. Under the assumption that neither host know which of the other’s three is the fake, they break down each headline and explore the potential circumstances behind the weirdest our news media has to offer.

I had the distinct pleasure of listening to their most recent episode as an introduction to their catalog. Though the episode starts with sad subject matter, the recent passing of Kevin’s father, the pair quickly offsets this revelation with a series of brilliant one-liners that reel you in and set the stage for a genuinely riveting and hilarious episode.

“Cries himself to sleep, nearly poops his pants.”

“Wife comforts husband after he becomes a real sad sack”

“Went out for a pack of heaven.”

It’s that last line in particular that made me drop was I was doing (after cleaning the coffee I spewed all over my keyboard) and text my business/podcast partner CJ. “Dude, you have to check out this new show I’m listening to…”

From that point forward, Kevin and Tiffany deliver the goods on every headline, real or fake. They guide you from the logistics behind monkeys constructing a rudimentary ladder, smart pillows that whisper sweet, motivational nothings in your ear while you sleep, to a brief but thorough history of Tim Horton’s and the quality of their shitty coffee (“it tastes like a sweaty ice skate”). Each headline rundown is generously peppered with personal anecdotes, spirited debate and razor-sharp wit; the show is an absolute riot from beginning to end. Whether or not they know ahead of time which headlines are real, Kevin and Tiffany deftly maneuver their way through the conversation without revealing a single indicator as to what the true headline might be.

Aside from the content itself, the production value is fantastic; there is zero mic hum or background noise, and if there is any reductive editing you certainly can’t tell. Their voices are smooth, and extremely friendly on the ear. No um’s, tongue clicks or lip smacks, the microphone etiquette is pristine and makes an already great show an even more enjoyable listening experience.

I encourage anyone reading this review to give the Fake Headlines Podcast a listen; their creativity and natural flow is something I’m both inspired by and jealous of. I can’t wait for the next episode and neither should you!

The Fake Headlines Podcast can be found on Apple Podcasts, and Spotify, and Stitcher, and Tunein.

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