Who are these people
and why do I CARE?


Joe and CJ have been friends for the better part of a decade. In that time they have played in band together, lost touch for a couple years, invested in a small but profitable tilapia farm, designed the 27th letter of the alphabet, discovered 43 new bones in domestic cats, and launched a line of highly successful neck creams. 


Joe does not know how to do Reddit, his previous account was four years old, and shadowbanned for three of them. CJ is considerably better at Reddit, but keeps his identity a highly guarded secret.

Both of them are giant fans of the incessantly creative subreddit r/WritingPrompts. After years of lurking, talking, and laughing, Prompt and Circumstance was born.

Each week, we sample from the finest, funniest & darkest reddit has to offer — from writing prompts to random questions — and head down a rabbit hole of ridiculousness.

As a matter of principal, credit for every prompt is explicitly given to the original poster on reddit , both verbally and in the show notes.

There’s no telling what direction the conversation will lead, but it’s fun as hell to find out.


Join us each Monday